Anointing Oils / Anointing Oil

"You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over" psalm 23:5

All our oils are from Israel. Oils come from olive oil farms David was anointed with oil when he was made king. Some ingredients are frankincense, myrrh, Cassia. These are all essential oils. We have Lily of the Valley, Spikenard, Cedars of Lebanon, Hyssop, Pomegranate, Cassia, Henna, Ketubah and Myrrh. Here are some uses for anointing oils. Cedars is strength and wholeness, Frankincense is prayer, intercession and healing Henna is atonement, Repentance. Hyssop is marriage, Lily is Purity. We also carry perfume from Israel. Anoint the sick, anoint your children, pray for them and see what God will do.

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