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The Knitted Head Band by CC Brand or Knit Head Wrap with a Flower in Sequin, Rhinestone and Plain is our most popular item this winter. We carry many new colors to keep you warm and in style.
Not a kit......We ship it quick...order today!
We sell Retail and Wholesale. small businesses who need just a few for salons, shoe stores, or boutiques would love our wholesale price. Check us out on web
We carry plain, sequin, rhinestone embellished. We sell wholesale and retail, Beautiful hand knitted head bands with 2 buttons for perfect fit. Hand wash for best results. Colors come in Black with black sequins or black rhinestones, also comes in silver sequins. Red, Pink, Purple, Amethyst, Brown, Chocolate, green, line kiwi, cream, orange navy, aqua teal turquoise, gray. Bestseller and a favorite.
Winter warm hats, knitted coverup,

All our head wraps are hand made knitted with fine quality thread. They come in many different colors all in jewel tones of brilliant reds, blues, greens purples and of course black and white. They also come in the pastel colors such as pink, violet yellow blue purple and white. We have at least 25 different colors to choose from. We also sell these wholesale to stores. Call us for information, latest trend.

C.C Exclusives Knitted Headband and Neck Warmer
Celebrating our 10th Year as an Online Boutique!      

Thank you to all our Wonderful Customers!

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A Beautiful Look - CC not for sale
Product Code: SAMPLE PIC

Price: $12.00

A Beautiful Pair
Product Code: sample pic not for sale
Price: Based on Selection

A Warm Way to Shop! Your Headband is Gift Wrapped in a Pretty Chiffon Bag!
Product Code: Sample Pic Gift Wrap

Price: Based on Selection

Black Cc Visor Knit Hat
Product Code: CC 49
Price: $18.00

Blue CC Flower Solid Headband
Product Code: CC 41
Price: $12.00

Brown Sequin CC Exclusives Flower Headband
Product Code: CC 03
Price: $12.00

Brown Tweed CC Flower Headband
Product Code: CC 42
Price: $12.00

Burgundy Visor Flower Sequin Knit Hat
Product Code: CC 8
Price: $18.00

CC Exclusives Ivory Messy Bun Beannie Hat
Product Code: CC 21
Price: $16.00

CC Head Wrap Headband Red Sequin Flower
Product Code: HWSR 333
Price: Based on Selection

Grey CC Flower Knit Headband
Product Code: CC 45
Price: $12.00

Grey Visor Knit Flower Hat
Product Code: CC 48
Price: $18.00
Displaying 1 through 12 of 21 products.
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