Prayer Shawls / Prayer Shawl

Here is the Christian meaning of the Tallit or Prayer Shawl. We recall the woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years. She approached Jesus. Many translations say that she touched the hem of His garment. That is a bad translation.
Rather, she touched the fringes of his garment and thereby she was touching God's Word and God's Name. God's Law and God's Name is what the fringe symbolizes. Not the hem of a skirt. The fringe symbolizes Jesus himself: the word and the Name. This beautiful prayer shawl will be an inspirational tool in the development of your prayer life. It comes with the explanation above, which will make it even more of a spiritual gift for one of your friends or loved ones. The Prayer shawl measures 33 inches wide by 73 inches length and includes colorful decorative cloth carrying case.

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